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We know it’s important to save water, keep the air clean and conserve energy, but our actions also affect the land - the ground beneath our feet?

Conservation - Land

We rely on soil as much as we depend on water and air. Contaminated soil is damaging to the earth so it is important to properly dispose of all our waste products. Some easy ways you can make a difference are by recycling and participating in Peel's green bin program - it’s simple and the benefits are great.

Eating locally, being Pesticides Aware, and driving less are other great ways to protect the land. In addition, Smart Commute offers a wide array of services to make commuting easier in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton.

Visit Peel's Planning department to find out more about growth management strategies, such as Liveable Peel, that work towards a balance between the natural and built environments.

Revised: Monday February 08 2010


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