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Support for children with special needs

Peel Inclusion Resource Services works with families and licensed child care providers to support children with special needs.

Families that are concerned about the development of their child who is attending licensed child care, or will be starting child care within 2 weeks, can access extra support. We want all children to reach their full potential. Peel Inclusion Resource Services (PIRS) helps ensure the child care experience is positive and inclusive.


PIRS is available to children 12 years and under who:


If your child attends an infant, toddler, or preschool program, a PIRS resource consultant will:

If your child attends a before or after school program, a PIRS resource consultant will:

How to access PIRS

Confirm your child is eligible

If you answer yes to either of these questions, then you can complete the PIRS referral form.

If your child is not currently in care or will not be starting care in the next 2 weeks, do not submit a referral. You can submit a referral once your child meets the eligibility criteria.

Get a PIRS referral

You can either:

If your child attends a before and after school program, ask the program supervisor or educator about short term PIRS resource consultation support.

If you’re not planning to enroll your child in licensed child care and have concerns about your child’s development, contact Infant and Child Development Services Peel. PIRS services are for children in licensed child care settings only.

Where to find child care