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Peel RegionWhat is the Annual Budget?

The Region of Peel's annual budget outlines how tax dollars and utility fees will be invested to help provide the services that you value, such as the operations and maintenance of transportation systems, waste and water services and police services.

Earlier this year, the Region of Peel consulted with the community to help envision what the next twenty years will look like. The budget is aligned with the Region's new 20-year Strategic Plan and allows enough flexibility to continue to adapt resources appropriately in order to move Peel closer to its vision.

Details of the 2016 Budget

The Region of Peel has a track record of being fiscally responsible and along with prudent long-term planning has provided value and stability to Peel. The 2016 budget carries on the tradition of appropriately balancing the priority needs of the community while keeping tax and utility rates as low as possible.

The 2016 Budget (PDF) consists of:

  • Operating expenditures of $2.1 billion
  • Capital expenditures of $0.5 billion

2016 Operating Expenditures

2015 Budget

Capital Budget Expenditures

2015 Budget

Learn more about the services the Region of Peel provides to you each day - (PDF).  

How the Budget will Affect Property Taxes and Utility Rates

The 2016 Budget - (PDF) includes a property tax increase of 0.8 per cent, representing an increase of $35 on the average residential home and a $61 increase for the average small business.

How the budget increase will affect the average residential and small business property

  Average Residential Average Small Business
Property Tax Impact of 0.8%* $35 $61
Utility Rate Impact of 9%** $47 $120
Total Impact $82 $181
 * average home assessed at $452,500 and average small business value at $534,300
** average residential consumption at 290m3 and average small business consumption at 695m3

Learn more about where your tax dollars go in the community - (PDF).

New Operating Investments for 2016

The 2016 Budget - (PDF) provides resources to support the existing service levels and growing service demands including the following:

  • 38,000 more TransHelp trips
  • Operation of the new paramedic reporting station and three additional satellite stations
  • Two additional ambulances, operating 24 hours a day seven days a week, to address an increase in 9-1-1 calls
  • Additional support to the not-for-profit sector to support organizations in their overall sustainability and operational health
  • An additional 142 housing subsidies to help individuals and families obtain affordable housing
  • 20 front-line Peel Regional Police officers
  • Addressing the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer in the Credit Valley Conservation and Toronto and Region Conservation Authority tree canopy
  • An infrastructure levy to maintain Peel's capital assets

Key Capital Investments Planned for 2016

The Capital Budget supports maintaining a State of Good Repair, Peel's growth plan and other Council priorities. The 2016 Tax Supported Capital Budget of $228 million includes capital investment in the following major areas:

  • Construction of additional lane kilometres and maintenance of existing roads to better facilitate the movement of goods and services
  • Improvement and development of Peel Regional Police's information technology assets, replacement of police vehicles and maintenance of police facilities to ensure the safety of the community
  • Construction of new ambulance facilities and purchase of ambulance fleet vehicles and medical equipment to improve service delivery and support the health of the community
  • Waste management land and infrastructure development for future waste facilities to support the long-terms 3R’s (recycle, reduce, reuse) target of 75% diversion and efforts to reduce the negative environmental impact of waste
  • Capital funding to increase the supply of affordable housing units to support the most vulnerable residents

The 2016 Utility Rate Supported Capital Budget totals $255 million includes capital investment in the following major areas:

  • Continued support of a safe, clean and adequate water supply
  • Upgrade and expansion of water and wastewater facilities
  • Installation of water distribution systems
  • Development, improvement and upgrade of the transmission system and the primary and local trunk collection systems

View the Region’s prior years’ budgets

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