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2021 Census data on ethnic diversity, religion, and immigration

18% of Ontario's immigrant population live in Peel.

2021 Census data for ethnic diversity, religion, and immigration is now available.

Notably, it shows that:

You can access this and other useful data on our Census Information Hub (the Hub).

The Hub is a central location for Census data in Peel and supports Peel Region’s Community for Life vision.  

You can use the Hub to:

ArcGIS technology

ArcGIS technology is an engaging online platform that combines geographic data, tools, and apps.

The Hub uses ArcGIS technology to present Census data in a visually appealing, storytelling style.

Upcoming Census data releases

We’ll keep updating the Hub and we’ll inform you of new releases as more 2021 Census data becomes available.

The next release – featuring data on labour, education, and commuting – is expected in December 2022.   

If you have any questions or feedback about the Hub or 2021 Census data in Peel, complete and submit our Feedback form.