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October 10 is World Homeless Day

How we’re is tackling the affordable housing crisis.

Every year on October 10 we recognize World Homeless Day.

To mark the day, we want to highlight some of the work being done to tackle the affordable housing crisis and end homelessness in Peel. We’re also renewing our call to our provincial and federal partners to bring the resources required to help people get and keep safe, affordable housing.

Our data shows that buying or renting a home at current market rates is unaffordable for 80% of Peel residents. Less than 1 in every 2600 new homes built in Peel is affordable to most of our residents. The wait for housing is long, there needs to be more done to help.

We know there’s a crisis, and we’re taking steps to lessen these intense pressures. By transforming how we deliver housing services, we’re making it easier for people to get and keep housing they can afford.

As part of this transformation, we are moving towards a needs-based approach to delivering housing support. We’ll offer customized solutions that fit a resident’s unique needs.

We are also simplifying and modernizing the application process for residents. People in need of support will be able to access it quickly in as few steps as possible. Depending on residents’ particular needs, our housing staff can help find affordable housing options, assess the situation for long-term financial assistance or short-term financial support to help with rent and paying utility bills.

We also have programs to ensure that nobody should have to live on the street. Our Street Helpline is available 24/7 to connect people experiencing homelessness with shelter and other life essentials, such as food and clothes.

We know the affordable housing crisis is not unique to Peel. The Region of Peel, private developers, the Provincial and Federal governments, and our community partners all have a role to play. The Region of Peel has a long-term plan to tackle the problem. We’re getting shovels in the ground and we’re changing the way we do things to meet our residents where they are at, with the support they require.

This World Homeless Day, you can follow the discussion online using the hashtag #WorldHomeslessDay. Learn more about what Region of Peel is doing to prevent homelessness.