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Children 12 years or older can now get the COVID-19 vaccine

Keeping our children safe is important to our community.

If you have a child who is 12 years or older, you can now book them a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at a clinic in Peel. They will need to be 12 at the time of their appointment.

Your child will receive the Pfizer vaccine as it’s the only one currently authorized by Health Canada for this age group.

Student COVID-19 vaccination webinar recording

Peel Public Health recently hosted a webinar for students, parents, and guardians to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine, its safety and effectiveness in youth.
Access the webinar video recording.

Talking to your child about the vaccine

Take the time to talk together and understand the facts about the vaccine from reliable sources like Region of Peel, Ontario Health, and Health Canada. Speak to your doctor or health care provider if you have questions.

COVID-19 can be a serious illness for many people, including children. For some, symptoms can last for months and even cause death. Children can also have COVID-19 but not show symptoms. This means they can spread the virus without knowing it.

Getting the vaccine is another way to take care of each other. Together, we can crush COVID-19 and protect our community.

Consent for 12 to 15 years of age

Children 12 years or older can give consent on their own behalf.

By providing consent they are agreeing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. They are also confirming that they understand the treatment, why it’s being recommended, and the risks and benefits of the vaccine.

If a child is not able to provide their own consent, a substitute decision-maker such as their parent or legal guardian can give consent in their place.

A parent is welcome to attend the clinic with their child if preferred.

Booking appointments

There are several ways you can book an appointment for children 12 years or older in Peel.

Visit book your appointment for a full list of options.