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Outdoor water use advisory

Residents and businesses in Brampton and Mississauga are asked to reduce or stop outdoor watering.

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Supporting homeless during COVID-19

Our partners provide a caring and compassionate homelessness response.

Without access to primary health care or a place to properly self isolate, those experiencing homelessness are particularly at-risk for contracting COVID-19.

Through a collaborative effort with partners like the Local Health Integration Networks, hospitals, health care providers, non-profits and service organizations, we implemented a comprehensive homelessness response. We’re providing emergency housing through temporary isolation and recovery sites.

Region of Peel Housing Services and partners continue to focus on helping shelter residents find permanent housing during and after isolation or recovery.

Our paramedics conduct daily testing and health checks at the isolation and recovery sites and TransHelp provides transportation for individuals between sites.

Collaboration has made this response possible and demonstrates how we’re able to rise above the current pandemic challenges to positively impact Peel residents.

We’re thankful for our community partners and all their hard work to help protect the health and safety of those experiencing homelessness.