Area of Focus: Thriving

In the area of focus of Thriving, we want communities that are integrated, safe and complete.

The Strategic Plan's 20-year Outcomes are the long-term community trends we strive to improve.

We measure progress towards the long-term Thriving outcomes by tracking key indicators for the Peel community, such as sustainable transportation, waste diversion and crime rates.

Review the reports below to learn how Peel is currently measuring up across key Thriving indicators.

Indicators Progress
Sustainable Transportation Modes (transit)
Crime Rate
Sense of Community Belonging
Residential Housing Starts
Value of Building Permits Issued
Non-Residential Tax Revenue
Employment Growth
Growth Cost Revenue Gap
Population Growth
Rate of Intensification
Designated Greenfield Area Density
Domestic Water Consumption
Waste Diversion Rate

Additional measures are under development to track progress toward: built environments to promote healthy living, growth that is well-managed and an environmentally friendly community.

Do you have an idea for a community indicator we should be monitoring? Email the Corporate Strategy Office.

Four-year Term of Council Priorities

During this four-year Term of Council, the Region is focused on 11 priorities, including five Thriving priorities. Progress to-date on these includes:

Increase Waste Diversion

Adapt to and Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change

Promote Healthy and Age-Friendly Built Environments

Improve Goods Movement

Plan and Manage Growth

Ongoing Services

In 2016, we provided the following ongoing services in support of our long-term objectives.

Community Safety

  • Peel Regional Police Services responded to 225,076 calls, protecting the safety and property of Peel residents.
  • Ontario Provincial Police (Caledon) responded to 22,783 calls.

Water and Wastewater

  • Treated 623 million litres of water each day to provide residents with clean, safe drinking water.
  • Treated 649 million litres of wastewater daily.

Waste Management

  • Responsibly managed 511,980 tonnage of waste.


  • 95% of the time met or exceeded winter road maintenance service levels.
  • Maintained 1,657 lane km of road to help keep residents safe and traffic moving.

Food Inspections

  • Inspected all of Peel's 5,833 food premises at least one time, helping to keep our communities free of food-borne illnesses.

Childhood Immunization

Our compliance efforts helped more than 89%* of students receive full immunizations, offering them protection from getting or spreading infectious diseases.

*Average based on measured cohorts, including 87.6% of age seven/eight-year-old students, and 90.7% of sixteen/seventeen-year-old students.