Area of Focus: Leading

In the area of focus of Leading, we want government that is future oriented and accountable.

The Strategic Plan's 20-year Outcomes are the long-term community trends we strive to improve.

We measure progress towards the long-term Leading outcomes by tracking key indicators for the Peel community, including credit rating, client satisfaction with Regional services and corporate greenhouse gas emissions.

Review the reports below to learn how Peel is currently measuring up across key Leading indicators.

Indicators Progress
Client Satisfaction with Regional Services
Resident Perception of Value of Tax Dollars
Region Is in Touch with the Needs of the Community
Resident Trust and Confidence in the Region
Annual Credit Rating
Status of Regional Infrastructure Assets
Annual Tax Rate Increase
Region of Peel Corporate GHG Emissions

Additional measures are under development to track progress toward the Region of Peel as a model and progressive employer.

Do you have an idea for a community indicator we should be monitoring? Email the Corporate Strategy Office

Four-year Term of Council Priorities

During this four-year Term of Council, the Region is focused on 11 priorities, including three Leading priorities. Progress to-date on these includes:

Modernize Service Delivery

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Create a Modernized Workplace

Ongoing Services

In 2016, we provided the following ongoing services in support of our long-term objectives.

Heritage, Arts and Culture

Welcomed 23,250 visitors with local arts and culture exhibits at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA).

Credit Rating

Earned a Triple-A Credit Rating - the highest possible rating.

Resident Perception of Value for Tax Dollars

75% of residents surveyed reported that the Region provides very good, or fairly good, value for tax dollars.1

Resident Trust and Confidence in the Region

Scored 6.3/10 on a Trust and Confidence rating by surveyed residents.3

Status of Regional Infrastructure Assets

Maintained 84% of Regional assets, such as roads, bridges and buildings, in "good" or "very good" condition.2

Customer Service Excellence

Achieved an 8/10 client satisfaction rating with Regional services.3

Human Resources

Reviewed 43,500 job applications to find qualified candidates for vacant jobs.

Hired 1,085 qualified candidates to fill opportunities in the Region.

1 Focus GTA, Peel Residents Survey, Environics Research, 2016.

2 2016 Infrastructure Status and Outlook Report card.

3 External Client Satisfaction Survey, Region of Peel 2015.