Information and Technology

We plan and implement services that enable the Regional corporation to meet strategic and operational objectives.

Service Outcome

The Region of Peel has evolving information and technology.

2017 Performance

Client satisfaction rating with Regional services.1, 2

Target: 8

Actual: 7.7

19,399 Twitter followers.
99,234 Connect to Peel subscribers.

7.2/10 favourable rating on the statement "As far as I know Peel policies and programs are based on decisions that take into consideration all of the available information and evidence on the subject."

7.4/10 favourable rating on the statement: "As far as I know Peel does a good job keeping up with the latest technology in the way it delivers programs and services for residents."

64% average downloads per visit on Open Data Site (conversion rate).

Refreshed Digital Strategy

The Region of Peel is continuing to make strides towards ensuring all service experiences are meaningful and easily accessible to our residents. Through our refreshed Digital Strategy, we are aiming to provide an engaging and seamless service experience for the public with sustainable and integrated business and technology. With the speed that technology is advancing, it is more important than ever that we remain future-oriented and plan for these changes to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality and efficient services that meet our residents' needs.

1 Source: 2017 External Client Satisfaction Survey.

2 Client Satisfaction with Regional Services has dropped from 7.9 in 2015 to 7.7 in 2017.