Corporate Governance

We plan and implement services that enable the Regional corporation to meet strategic and operational objectives.

Service Outcome

The Region of Peel is well-managed and adaptable (to best serve the residents and businesses in Peel).

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

On June 22, 2017, Regional Council adopted the Region of Peel's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and embarked on a CSR journey to address business operations. The long-term outcome of the overall CSR Strategy is to ensure that the Region of Peel's operating practices achieve social, economic and environmental benefits for our community. A measurement and evaluation framework was also developed to evaluate the impact of all initiatives laid out within the strategy.

The long-term desired outcomes are:

The strategy establishes a requirement for Region of Peel staff to explore opportunities to create social value through our procurement processes, in keeping with the Region of Peel's strategic objectives including sustainability, financial responsibility and return on investment.