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Project Lifesaver Peel

Helping to track those that are at a risk of wandering

Project Lifesaver Peel helps families to protect members who may wander or bolt; typically individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, down syndrome, acquired brain injury or other kinds of cognitive impairment.

The program equips individuals who have a history of wandering with a one-ounce wrist-transmitter that emits a radio tracking signal 24/7 within a two kilometre radius. When notified by caregivers that the individual is missing, specially trained law enforcement officers use mobile tracking equipment to find them.

The application process

1. Screening of applicants to confirm they meet Project Lifesaver criteria.

2. Information provided to applicants about the program and equipment.

3. Registration of applicants to the program.

For more information, please contact the Project Lifesaver Coordinator at 905-791-7800 ext. 5936 or visit www.peelregion.ca.

Additional Information

  • Participants must be a resident in the Region of Peel. A participant who moves out of Peel Region will be discharged from the program.
  • This program applies to those who have a history of wandering or who a physician has indicated may wander because of a cognitive disability or impairment (and not related to interpersonal, parental, familial, child care or caregiver issues).
  • There is an initial charge of $300 for the transmitter and a $10 monthly battery charge; however, subsidy may be available for low-income participants.
  • Children must have informed consent of their legal guardian(s) and adults who are deemed incompetent must have informed consent of their substitute decision-makers.
  • Participants and/or their legal guardian or substitute decision-maker understand and agree that radio-locating technology used in this project is not intended as a substitute for responsible childcare or caregiver practices
  • Groups, organizations or service providers providing services to children or adults with cognitive impairment or disability are not eligible to participate.

Project Lifesaver Peel is a partnership between
the Region of Peel, Peel Police and Caledon O.P.P.

Revised: Thursday August 17 2017


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