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What is an Action Project?

What is an Action Project?

Activities and Action Projects are experiential.
Consider an activity / action project continuum.

The action project end of the continuum is distinguished by:

  • Choosing an issue that is important to the group
  • Visioning, researching, acting, reflecting, and celebrating
  • A spiral experience through these steps (not necessarily a straight line)
  • Research into the root causes, multiple perspectives, and myriad stakeholders involved in an issue
  • Meaningful engagement of students throughout an entire process
Action Projects
Reasons to Do Action Projects?
  • action projects are experiential; they cater to different learning styles
  • action projects offer authentic, relevant, and meaningful opportunities for learning and for taking responsibility. This is motivating for students.
  • action projects illuminate the trans-disciplinary and deeply interconnected nature of real problems.
  • action projects that involve being outdoors provide students with opportunities to experience the wonder of nature—which then becomes its own motivator to act.
  • using the environment as an integrating context for learning has been linked to improved test scores on standardized tests in the United States.
  • action projects create a natural relationship between the people in the school and the wider community.
  • action projects model for students and for the wider community what active citizenship looks, sounds, and feels like; this increases the likelihood that participants will engage in future action projects.
  • the outcomes of action projects can have substantial positive consequences for Earth.
  • Action projects cultivate skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for active citizenship.

Action projects that involve being outdoors provide students with opportunities to experience the wonder of nature-which then becomes its own intrinsic motivator to act, now and in the future

Revised: Monday September 21 2015


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