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Water and Wastewater


What is a spill?

A spill is a discharge or deposit that is not in the ordinary course of events or is abnormal in quantity or quality.

Spills can pose a direct health threat to Peel residents and can cause severe damage to our source of drinking water and the environment.

Oil Spill

Spills are not restricted to the industrial / commercial / institutional sectors. Homeowners often dispose of materials improperly. Careless dumping of motor oil, paints, and other chemicals into storm sewer catch basins leads to contamination of creeks, rivers, and lakes.

Visit Household Hazardous Waste for information on proper disposal of dangerous products.


In the event of a spill, what do I do?

Pick up the phone! Dialing 791-7800 will put you in contact with the Region of Peel Spill Co-Coordinator. The Spill Co-Coordinator must, by law, be notified in the event of a spill that has occurred within the Region. You will receive the information you need to contain the spill, and start the clean-up and restorations necessary. You will also receive advice on ways to avoid similar accidents.

The Spills Action Centre run by the Ministry of the Environment can also be called in the event of a spill.

Who is responsible for the clean up of a spill?

The person having control or ownership of the material is legally responsible for the clean-up and restoration of affected areas. This includes all costs incurred by other parties, including the Region of Peel, acting on their behalf.

Truck Spill


What do I do when I witness illegal dumping?

Call the Region of Peel if you see someone pouring chemicals, oils, paints, or any other suspicious material down a drain, into a storm sewer, or onto land.

The information will be passed on to the Spill Co-ordinator who will then investigate the complaint. All information will be deemed confidential if requested.

Who do I contact for more information?

Environmental Control: 905-791-7800, ext 3101

Household hazardous waste information: Call Public Works at: 905-791-9499.

Caledon residents in long-distance areas may call:
905-584-2216 free of charge.

Who do I contact to report a spill?

Region of Peel Spill Co-ordinator (24 hours a day):

Ministry of Environment Spills Action Centre:


Revised: Tuesday August 22 2017


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