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The Region of Peel continues to maintain the lowest combined water and wastewater rates in the Greater Toronto Area. The Region's water and wastewater operations continue to be debt-free. That means your water and wastewater rates pay for services used, not interest on debt.

Water bills issued on or after April 1, 2017 will have a water rate increase of 5 per cent. The wastewater rate will increase 3.6 per cent. The rate increase works out to an additional $29 per year for an average household* with both water and wastewater services.

Utility Rate Comparison
Per Cubic Metre (m3) 2016 2017 Change
Water $1.25874 $1.32115 5.0%
Wastewater $0.95322 $0.98743 3.6%
Average increase 4.3%


The following are the average dollar impacts of utility rate and tax rate increases for different types of customers.

Impact of Utility and Tax Rate Increases
  Small Business Average Household Average
Consumption (m3) 695 290
2017 Utility Bill Impact $76 $29
CVA* Value (2017 Budget Estimate) $551,300 $474,000
2017 Regional Levy Impact $73 $42
* Current Value Assessment

Water rates – a snapshot

Customers with an average monthly consumption of more than 455 m3 (100,000 gallons) are billed monthly. All other accounts are billed quarterly. For residential customers connected to the wastewater system with metered water service, the wastewater rate is applied to 85 per cent of total metered water usage. This recognizes activities such as lawn watering and swimming pool maintenance where water is not returned to the wastewater system.

To ensure the accuracy of your bill, please review the services that are charged to your account regarding your water and wastewater use. In addition to the regular water and wastewater rates, the Region also charges for related specific services.

Meter Measurement Type Water Rate Wastewater Rate
If your meter measures cubic
metres (m3)
$1.32115 per m3 $0.98743 per m3
If your meter measures imperial gallons $6.01 per 1,000 gallons $4.49 per 1,000 gallons
If you pay a flat rate prior to meter installation $16.69 per month $11.17 per month

What Your Rates Pay For:
The Region of Peel operates and maintains two water and three wastewater treatment facilities, as well as municipal wells, pumping stations, reservoirs and thousands of kilometres of watermain and wastewater pipes.

The rate also covers:


Revised: Thursday March 30 2017


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