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Water and Wastewater

South Peel Facility Expansion Projects

Community Involvement

Peel Region values your input! We know how important this project is to you and your neighbours, so we have developed ways to ensure you are kept informed of what is occurring at the three construction sites throughout the project.

Clear Scents Public Working Group

The Public Working Group acts as the eyes, ears and most importantly, the nose in your community. The Public Working Group is comprised of area residents and representatives of environmental and ratepayer organizations that assist the Region in finding solutions to the odours associated with the Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Port Credit SunsetIn June 2004, the Public Working Group and Peel Region staff attended a groundbreaking event to celebrate the construction kick-off. Mark Schiller, Director of Water and Wastewater Treatment, thanked community representatives for working with the Region over the last several years. Schiller said that the Public Working Group "has provided valuable advice on the Region's strategy for reducing odours." The Region looks forward to continuing its partnership with the Public Working Group during the next phase of construction.

Clear Scents Public Working Group Open House

On Saturday, Nov. 25, 2006, members of the Clear Scents Public Working Group, Regional staff, and external partners attended an open house at the Lakeview Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mississauga. During the open house guests were led on a tour of the upgraded and expanded facility to get a first-hand look at the improvements made to the plant to reduce odours in the community.

Members of the Clear Scents Public Working Group

In 2004, construction began on the Lakeview Facility as a key component of Peel’s dedication to odour reduction in Mississauga. The main objectives of upgrading the facility are to reduce odours and increase capacity from 392 ML (million litres) to 448 ML per day.

The Working Group members expressed their gratitude to the Region staff for keeping them informed and listening to their concerns. They were pleased with the progress that had been made at the facility and were grateful for the Region’s efforts to improve the quality of life in their communities.


Revised: Friday September 11 2009


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