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Water and Wastewater

Watermain Projects

Information for Owner-Initiated Local Improvements

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Watermain Projects

The Region will calculate an estimated project cost including surveying, drafting, engineering design, tendering, materials, labour, equipment, inspection, contingency fees, and applicable taxes. The estimate is an estimate only. The actual cost will be resolved from the lowest bid for the project.

100% of the actual cost will be shared among the benefiting properties. Each property will pay a share of the actual cost based on the lot frontage. If there are irregularly shaped lots, in interest of fairness, the Region will also use total property area to resolve the division of the shared costs.

The project cost will include each properties sewer water service to the property line, but does not include the cost of the water service from the property line to the residence. Affected property owners that desire a connection, will need to hire an independent plumber/contractor (of their own choice and at their own expense) to perform the work on private property and/or within the municipal right of way. The owner must apply to connect the private side service to the lateral at the property line. The connection administrative fees will need to be paid in addition to the costs noted above.

Connection administrative fees are subject to periodic updates and can be found in this by-law.

The Region recommends that properties less than 500 square metres in total area install a 19-mm service and properties greater than 500 square metres install a 25-mm diameter service.


Revised: Tuesday December 17 2019


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