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Sanitary Sewer Projects

Information for Owner-Initiated Local Improvements

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Sanitary Sewer Projects

The Region determines the owners' share of a sanitary sewer project cost based on an approved frontage rate set annually by Regional Council. There is no limitation on the length of assessable frontage.

The frontage rate for sanitary sewer projects is $1,365 per metre ($416.05 per foot).

For commercial and industrial properties, the Region assesses 100 per cent of the costs to the benefiting owners.

In addition to the frontage rate, there is a mandatory connection fee. Regional Council annually reviews the frontage rate and mandatory connection fee based on current typical costs of installation.

The mandatory connection fee includes the cost of the sanitary sewer service to the property line, but does not include the cost of the sewer service from the property line to the residence. Installation of the sanitary sewer service on the private side is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

The residential connection fee for sanitary sewer local improvement projects is $4,800.

Commercial and industrial properties pay the actual cost of a sanitary connection.


Revised: Monday March 18 2013


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