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Other Transportation Projects

Transportation Highway/Road Improvements in Peel

The Region of Peel is taking part in these projects and efforts to support and improve Peel's highways and roads:

Bolton Transportation Master Plan

The Bolton Transportation Master Plan (BTMP) was completed by the Region of Peel and the Town of Caledon to address the transportation issues in Bolton using an integrated approach.

Peel-Highway 427 Extension Area Transportation Master Plan

A master plan for Peel created through a study of roadway requirments as part of the future Highway 427 extension.

Caledon Transportation - Needs Study Update (2009)

An update to the 2004 report, taking into account:

  • The future transportation needs of Caledon.
  • The most current plan for the Highway 427 extension.
  • Estimates of Caledon's population growth to over 100,000 residents by 2031.

Region of Peel Carpool Parking Lot Study

A study conducted to identify carpool lot opportunities in Peel in order to reduce traffic congestion on Peel's roads.

GTA West Corridor Environmental Assessment

A study of long-term transportation problems and their alternatives to improve transportation in the GTA West Corridor.

Halton-Peel Boundary Area Transportation Study (HPBATS)

A joint study between the Region of Peel and Halton Region to provide a roadway network near the Halton-Peel boundary.

Environmental Assessments

Studies of how a proposed project - such as improving a road - will affect the environment.

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