Peel Paramedics 'FIRST'

Peel Paramedics 'FIRST' to Test New Technology to Reduce Damage of Heart Attacks

The FIRST study aims to reduce the long-term effects of heart attacks by reducing the permanent damage they cause.

Someone you care about is having a heart attack. A Peel paramedic places a device, similar to a blood pressure cuff, on their arm. This cuff triggers their body’s innate ability to protect itself, turning what may have been a big heart attack into a smaller one.

This is the situation Peel paramedics hope to see as they join the FIRST (Field Implementation of the autoRIC device in STEMI) study to evaluate the effectiveness of the autoRIC device in reducing damage in patients undergoing a certain type of heart attack.

With the device, patients should have 30 per cent less damage, spend fewer days in the hospital and feel fewer effects of the heart attack throughout their lives.

Peel paramedics are the first to use the AutoRIC device in North America. The results of the study have wide-ranging implications, and could change the way heart disease is managed in Peel Region and across North America.

For more information on the FIRST study, read William Osler’s media release.

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