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Appeal Process

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Internal Review

Ontario Works applicants/clients have the right to appeal if they disagree with a decision to cancel, refuse, reduce, or hold benefits. Applicants/clients should first discuss the issue with their Caseworker so the decision can be explained in detail.

A letter will be sent to notify the applicant/client of a decision that may be appealed with instructions on how to request an Internal Review. The Request for an Internal Review must be submitted in writing within 30 calendar days to the appropriate Ontario Works office. To assist with the decision, relevant information can be attached to the Internal Review. The Internal Review is completed by the caseworker's supervisor.

The applicant/client will be notified of a decision within 30 days from the day the Internal Review request is received. If the applicant/client disagrees with the Internal Review decision, instructions on how to appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal are provided.

Request for Internal Review form

Appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal

The Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) is a group of professionals who ensure that the correct decisions are made based on the appropriate Provincial legislation. If an applicant/client disagrees with an Internal Review decision, an appeal can be submitted to the SBT within 30 days. Appeals will not be heard by the SBT unless an Internal Review has been completed by the appropriate staff at the Ontario Works office.

Eligibility for Discretionary Benefits is not appealable.

The SBT's Appeal Form is available at the local Ontario Works office.

Interim Assistance

The Tribunal can order payment of Interim Assistance if it is satisfied that the applicant or client will suffer financial hardship during the time it takes to complete the appeal. If an applicant/client receives interim assistance they will be provided with their regular monthly entitlement until the appeal is resolved. The applicant/client is required to participate in Ontario Works employment supports where applicable and continue to adhere to the Rights and Responsibilities.

Social Benefits Tribunal Decisions

The Social Benefits Tribunal is required to deliver a written decision to the parties within 60 days of the hearing date.


Social Benefits Tribunal
1075 Bay Street, 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M5S 2B1
Phone 416-326-0978
FAX 416-326-5135

Mississauga Community Legal Services
501A-130 Dundas Street East
Mississauga, ON L5A 3V8
Phone 905-896-2050
FAX 905-273-4255

North Peel & Dufferin Community Legal Services
601-24 Queen Street East
Brampton, ON L6V 1A3
Phone 905-455-0160
FAX 905-455-0832

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