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Health and Safety
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Tall Pines management and staff believe that every effort should be made to protect the health and safety of residents, volunteers and visitors. Tall Pines policies support the philosophy of a safe environment.  Abiding by all policies and observing all safety signs as well as following directions given by staff is the responsibility of residents, family members, visitors, volunteers and staff.  

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverage of any kind may be brought into the building nor provided or left with a Resident for discretionary consumption. However, alcoholic beverages may be allowed with a physician’s order.  All alcoholic beverages will be kept in the medication room and dispensed by the charge nurse.  Residents will have opportunities to consume alcohol during some special events meals. Families may provide alcohol if requested by the resident and approved by the physician. Please be cooperative with this policy as mixing of alcohol with medications may produce severe reactions.

Building Security

The Centre has a Security system that magnetically locks exit doors and certain interior doors to ensure that Residents are safe and secure. The security system also interfaces with our wandering protection system to alert staff if a wandering Resident has left the area.

Call Bells

Call bells are located in:

  • Residents’ room at each bedside unit,
  • all washrooms – resident and public
  • tub and shower rooms, and
  • most common areas.

To activate the call bell simply push the button and staff will respond to your call.

Cold Weather Alerts/Guidelines

Peel Public Health may issue an alert when Environment Canada’s weather forecast suggests a possibility of health risks due to low temperatures.

Tall Pines has safety guidelines in place to protect your health during these alerts.  Some activities may have to be cancelled or adjusted based on these alerts.

Cold weather alerts will be posted on the Family News Board in the front hallway.

Controlled Entrance

We have one entrance used by our residents, visitors and friends. The door is power locked after business hours. The main entrance also has a visual surveillance camera.

All residents wear an identification bracelet and those at risk of wandering wear an electronic bracelet, which triggers the power lock and an alarm at these entrances. Please help us keep our residents who are at risk of wandering safe by not letting anyone you do not know exit the building.  If in doubt, ask staff for assistance.

Emergency Procedures Exercise

Working together with the Region of Peel and the City of Brampton, a mock disaster exercise tests some aspects of the disaster plan (e.g. Bomb threat, fire, missing resident). This exercise is planned once a year.

Fire Alarms/Drills

While we do not wish to disrupt our residents or their visitors, staff are legislated to practice fire safety procedures. Fire drills are conducted three times each month for the safety of residents and staff.

It is important to conduct these drills, so that in the event of a real fire, staff are confident and prepared to handle the situation.

If you notice fire or smoke in your immediate area:

  • Remain calm
  • Leave the area immediately
  • Close the door behind you if possible
  • Call for help by
    • pulling the fire alarm
    • shouting for help
    • using the call bell                                                                               

If the fire alarm sounds:

  • Remain calm
  • Remain in your room with the door closed
  • Turn off all electrical equipment in your room
  • Keep telephone lines open
  • Follow instructions given by staff or the Fire Department
  • If away from your room, go with staff to a room or another safe location

Fire Regulations

As a fire safety precaution, all items of an electrical nature must be cleared through the maintenance department to ensure Canadian Safety Association (CSA) compliance.

The Centre has a policy which prohibits the use of extension cords.  Power bars are an acceptable alternative.  For safety reasons, cordless remote T.V. channel changers are the only type allowed.

Fire exits are clearly indicated at the Centre. The Emergency Plan is tested on a regular basis.  Please co-operate with the requests of staff members.  There may be several important reasons why a request is made of you immediately, with little time for a full explanation.

Hot Weather Alerts or Extreme Heat Alerts/Guidelines

The Region of Peel may issue a heat alert when the weather suggests a risk to human health. 

Tall Pines has safety guidelines in place to protect your health during these alerts.  Some activities may have to be cancelled or adjusted based on these alerts.

These notices will be posted on the Family News Board in the front hallway.

Infection Control

Infection control is the practice by which the Centre prevents and manages infections. Infection control principles are included in all aspects of providing care for all residents.

Hand washing is the best method to prevent transmission of infections. We strongly recommend family members and visitors wash their hands. Hands should be washed when you arrive, and before you leave the Centre. A paper towel should be used to turn off the taps to keep your hands clean after washing. We also have alcohol rinse hand sanitizing stations available at the main entrance and in each Resident Home Area for your convenience.

Family members and visitors may be asked to not visit the Centre during an outbreak of an infectious disease. The purpose is to protect you and your family from the infection.

Family members and visitors should not visit if they have colds, fever, or vomiting and diarrhoea.

Also, children exposed to chickenpox are advised not to visit Tall Pines.

Immunization is important for all seniors. It is especially important for individuals who are frequent visitors to a long term care centre.

Latex Free

Latex can cause health risks.  We prohibit the use of latex products at Tall Pines.  This includes bringing in balloons – only foil type balloons are allowed into the building.

Let us know if you are going out

As part of our safety plan we must be able to account for all residents at all times.  Located at the Hub on each floor is a sign-out book.  Please make sure that when you leave Tall Pines Centre, you sign yourself out or have a family member sign you out. Please remember to sign in when you return.

No Smoking Policy

Please be advised that Tall Pines is smoke-free.  Residents, family members and visitors are prohibited from smoking within our Centre.  Please note that our smoking policy is strictly enforced. 

Notification of Next of Kin/ Representative

A primary contact must be designated by the resident, or when appropriate their substitute decision maker. Please make sure this information is up to date. In the event of Resident injury or change in Resident status, the next of kin/representative is notified promptly.

Resident Identification

All residents are required to wear an identification bracelet.  A picture of each Resident is taken on admission for identification and security purposes and is kept on file.

Safety devices

Risk to each resident’s health and safety is identified and addressed in ways that consider his/her choice, freedom of movement, dignity, and respect. We believe that residents should be able to move about independently. Safety devices such as seatbelts, table tops and bed side-rails are used for Residents safety following a comprehensive assessment of need. Restraints are only utilized as a last resort and are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their safety and necessity.

Scent Free Environment

We ask that you, family members and visitors contribute to our respectful and supportive environment by being considerate of our residents, staff, volunteers and visitors by being aware of the affects scented products can have on other and we ask that you refrain from using or wearing scented products.  It is not our intent to dictate the personal usage of a wide variety of products but to make you aware of the health problems that scented products can have on others.  For more information please speak to one of the members of Tall Pines management team.

Smog Watch or Alert/Guidelines

The Ministry of Environment issues smog watch or alert when there is a 50% probability that the Air Quality Index reaches or exceeds 50.

Tall Pines has safety guidelines in place to protect your health during these watches or alerts.  Some activities may have to be cancelled or adjusted based on these watches or alerts.

These notices will be posted on the Family News Board in the front hallway.

Wanderer’s Bracelet and Registry

If a resident has exit-seeking tendencies we strongly recommend an electronic bracelet be worn by them at all times. This bracelet will alert the staff in case they attempt to leave the premises.

Revised: Friday March 29 2019

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