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Housekeeping/ Janitorial

The Housekeeping and Janitorial staff provide daily services to ensure that the building is clean and attractive. This is a big task considering the number of residents, families, friends, volunteers and staff who come to the Davis Centre every day.


The maintenance department has a comprehensive maintenance program that is aimed at keeping all of the building’s equipment running at optimum levels and also for providing a clean and safe environment for our residents, visitors and staff. It is the responsibility of the maintenance staff to inspect ALL personal electrical items to ensure their compliance to CSA standards and that the item is in good repair. It is important that you make prior arrangements with the Facility Services Supervisor before bringing any electrical items into the building.  When an item has been inspected and approved, the maintenance staff will be happy to install the item in your loved ones room in a location that is both convenient and safe for all concerned.  Please do not attempt to hang any items on the walls of the building; this must be done by our maintenance staff.  Extension cords are expressly prohibited in Nursing Homes by the Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall.  Power bars are permitted so long as they have the C.S.A. approved label attached.


General laundry services are provided for the residents. In order to properly identify personal clothing, the laundry staff must attach name labels to each clothing item. This is done at the time a new resident comes into the home.  All future purchases of clothing must be left with the Nursing Station so that they too can be labelled. From time to time labels do come off a clothing item; these items are placed on a special cart that is located at each nursing station. Please feel free to check the cart if you are missing a piece of clothing. If found, it is important that you take it to the Nursing Station so that it can be re-labelled.

Items that are not suitable for laundering in the laundry department:

  • Any item that is more than 50% Cotton, as it will shrink
  • Angora, pure wool or wool blend
  • Cashmere
  • Velvet
  • Suede
  • 100% Nylon
  • Crepe
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Any item that requires hand washing


Service is available. There is a set fee for repairs and alterations.

Furnishings/Electrical Equipment

Each resident room is furnished with an adjustable bed, a dresser, a night table and a chair.  We encourage all new residents to personalize their room by adding familiar items such as, pictures, a calendar, clock, radio, small television. It is a requirement that when using a television, radio, CD player etc, earphones be worn in order to respect the privacy of other residents.

Please avoid bringing delicate ornaments/figurines into your room as we cannot guarantee against breakage.

Personal refrigerators and humidifiers are not permitted in resident rooms.

Due to space limitations, personal equipment such as walkers, no longer being used, should be removed from the facility.

Security of Belongings

The Davis Centre CANNOT be responsible for valuables. If you have jewellery or other valuables, we urge you to give them to your family for safe keeping. Residents are encouraged to use the safe located in the administrative office for the safekeeping of small amounts of money.  It is not recommended that any amount of money be kept in your room.

Building Security

The building has a number of security systems which are designed to protect our residents. The exterior doors have special locks that are activated (locked) when in normal use; however, in the event of a fire alarm, all exterior doors are automatically un-locked to allow for fast building evacuation should it be necessary. In addition there is a wanderer alert system on the main door which is designed to protect wandering residents. This system is a deterrent, not a guarantee of safety.



Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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