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Care Planning

Family and staff work as a team towards making life at The Davis Centre as comfortable and fulfilling as possible for every resident. A Care Conference, to discuss progress, concerns, and future goals, is held within six weeks of admission, annually thereafter, and as needed.

Medical Care

Dr. Joseph Niedoba (Medical Director) provides care at The Davis Centre.

A physician is available at all times for emergencies. If you wish to retain your own physician, please arrange for him/her to contact the Centre’s Administrator. The William Osler Hospitals and Headwaters Hospital serve our residents for any acute treatment concerns.

Personal Care

There is a Registered Nurse on duty on all three shifts. Each will help you and your family plan your care and monitor any specialized requirements you may have. Your designated contact person will be notified of any changes in your condition. The Registered Nurse will contact the physician for any emergency care needs you may have. Health Care Aides will assist you with your personal plan of care, as required, twenty-four hours a day. A call bell system is located at your bedside and in the washroom if you need to summon help.

Medications/Treatments and Pharmacy Services

Medications and/or treatments are prescribed by a physician and are administrated by a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse.  Any medication not covered by the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan will be invoiced directly to you and payment can be made directly to the pharmacy by mail. 

No medication of any kind may be brought to you and left in your room.

Health and Herbal Remedies

Medications are prescribed by the doctor and are administered by the registered staff.  If you are on any health or herbal remedies or are using any over-the-counter medications, please inform your attending physician and the registered staff.  All new medications including vitamins and over-the-counter medications must be approved by the attending physician and be provided from the Centre's pharmacy.  This also provides us the opportunity to advise you of any potential adverse drug interaction.

Alternative Treatment

The physicians and the staff of the Centre are supportive of the residents’ choices with respect to the care of the residents as expressed by the resident or when appropriate their substitute decision maker. If you are using treatment other than traditional please inform your physician and our staff so we can assist you to co-ordinate the care plan.

Advanced Care Directives

We would ask that you review the Advanced Care Directive options that the Davis Centre has developed so that staff may have an understanding of your wishes should there be a sudden unexpected health crisis. Please discuss the information with the physician and/or the Registered Nurse so that you will be comfortable with the alternatives before making up your mind. Your direction can be altered at any time.

Medical Appointments

If your physician feels that an appointment with a specialist is required, we would appreciate your family’s help in providing or making arrangements for transportation.


Certain supplies and equipment are provided by the Davis Centre:

  • Disposable incontinence products for those residents that require them
  • Medical supplies and nursing equipment necessary for the prevention and care of skin disorders, infection prevention and control, and sterile procedures
  • Certain non-prescription drugs, medications and treatment products
  • Supplies for personal hygiene and grooming
  • Self-help aids for activities of daily living, for general use of residents (if prolonged limitations in physical function result in the need for certain personalized adaptive devices, an assessment will be required)

Leaving the Building

Please advise the Registered Nurse if you plan to go out. The person who is escorting you is asked to record this in the “sign-out book”. It is important that we account for your absence, and supply adequate medication if required.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is supportive rather than curative in nature, with a focus on comfort.  It is provided through a collaborative approach in partnership with the centre team and the family.  It is driven by the individual needs of the resident and his/her family and/or significant other.  The resident and/or the substitute decision maker are the best judge for directing the care.

Fall Prevention

In an effort to prevent slips and fall, we recommend that residents wear footwear that has a slip- resistant tread and a closed toe and heel.

Infection Control

Hand washing is the best method to prevent transmission of infections.  We strongly recommend that family and visitors wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave the Centre.  Using soap and warm running water, rub hands briskly together for fifteen seconds, rinse hands thoroughly and dry with a paper towel.  The paper towel should be used to turn off the taps to keep your hands clean after washing.  A few simple steps to prevent the spread of germs are often the most effective ways to control infections.  
If the home has an outbreak family members will be notified that we may be closed. Visitation will be restricted to one visitor at a time per resident. Children will not be allowed to visit for the duration of the outbreak. Signage will be placed at the front entrance with instructions, indicating whether visitation will or will not be permitted. If you do visit during an outbreak, please adhere to any instructions that are posted outside your loved one’s room or that the registered staff gives you.

Our goals at The Davis Centre include protecting our residents from infection and making their home as safe and as comfortable as possible.



Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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