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The Administration Office

The administration office is open every day:

  • Weekdays from 8:30 am – 8:00 pm
  • Weekends from 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

The office staff is pleased to provide you and/or your family with general information about The Davis Centre, and direct you to the appropriate personnel if they are unable to assist you.

The administration office maintains information for each resident and contact person in case of emergency.  It is very important that the office be kept up-to-date with any changes in names, addresses, and telephone numbers.  All information on file in the administration office is kept confidential as required by privacy legislation.


Mail is delivered to your room daily.  Residents may purchase stamps and post mail from the administration office.

Financial Information

On the day of admission residents/authorized representatives are required to sign an Admission Agreement and the Uninsured Services Addendum, which is updated annually thereafter.  You are invited to review your contract at anytime, by contacting the administration office.  Please note you may be charged interest for missed, incomplete or late payments.

Financial Assistance Eligibility

The Ministry of Health sets daily and monthly rates for all types of accommodation, annually.  In the event that a resident has insufficient income to cover the cost of the standard charge for a basic bed, a rate reduction may be requested upon presentation of documentary proof of income.  The rate of reduction is effective starting in the month in which it is applied for, and is not retroactive to the date of admission.

Trust Account

A trust account is available for the convenience of residents who need to have funds maintained in a safe place and readily available for their personal use.  Funds in the trust account may be used to pay for facility related services approved by a resident/authorized representative, such as hairdressing or other optional services.  You may access funds in your Trust Account during regular office hours, Monday – Friday.

Power of Attorney

We highly recommend that residents grant power of attorney (for property and personal care) to a family member or responsible person of his/her choice.  Please note that staff cannot be granted power of attorney for residents, nor can they witness the signing of these documents.

Leave of Absence

A resident is entitled to 21 days of vacation per year.  When casual leave is combined with the vacation at the rate of 48 hours per week, it is possible to have up to 31 days of combined leave once a year. Residents need to advise nursing staff, in advance, when they plan to take vacation or casual leave days. 

The approved leave periods for residents admitted to hospital are 30 days for medical care and 60 days for psychiatric care.  Please enquire at the Business Office if you require further information.


Residents who wish to install an individual telephone line can contact Bell Canada.  Please let the administration office know the telephone number.


Upon admission, The Davis Centre will inquire whether you wish cable television services.  The cost is allocated monthly by the administration office.

Revised: Tuesday July 27 2010

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