Butterfly Home Project

The Region of Peel has begun a journey, the first of its kind in Ontario, to turn one house within Malton Village Long Term Care centre into a Butterfly Home. Working together with Dementia Care Matters, an organization from the United Kingdom, our goal is to improve the well-being of the people living in the home by using innovative, person-centred approaches to meet their complex needs.

Lounge in Redstone House at Malton Village.

What do we mean by person-centred? It means doing more than just addressing clinical needs, it means connecting emotionally, which, due to dementia's impact on logic and memory, can be a powerful way to connect with people with dementia in a meaningful way. It means making the house truly feel like home, a place we could welcome family and friends. By meeting people's physical and emotional needs, we never forget they are complex, valuable, feeling beings. This, to us, is how we become person-centred.

Over the past year, transitioning one of our houses into a Butterfly Home has contributed towards Peel Long Term Care's complex care model and ability to provide person-centred care.

Some examples include:

  • Enabling staff to connect emotionally with people and building staff capacity to understand cognitive and functional abilities across the different stages of dementia
  • Creating a more relaxed home-like feel to the day with less task-orientation and more emphasis on people living and working in the home feeling relaxed
  • Redesigning the home to be more welcoming and intimate, and filling the household with the "stuff of life" so that people can connect with a variety of colours, textures and objects that reflect their past lives, work and hobbies

We are monitoring our progress by tracking performance measures related to people's experiences, quality of life and satisfaction.

Join us throughout this journey by visiting our Butterfly Project Dashboard, where you can follow our progress.

The pilot phase is set to be completed by April 2018.

Learn more about the Butterfly Household Model of Care.

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