Building in Peel

We're working to make affordable housing available to all residents in Peel.

We partner with:

Our partners bring new and innovative thinking to create more affordable housing in Peel. Each has an important part to play in helping to achieve our goals.

Together, we can build affordable, healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods.

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Inquiries related to developing affordable housing in Peel should be sent to Building in Peel or contact:

Brett Barnes, Housing Development
905-791-7800 ext. 8605.


The following resources provide more information about the development of affordable housing in Peel.

Design Guidelines
Decision Matrix

Affordable housing development is a complex process involving many stakeholders.

If you are considering responding to a Region of Peel Bid Opportunity for the development of affordable housing, check out the following detailed resources to enable you to develop a comprehensive proposal.

Other Resources

Current Development Projects Underway

East Avenue Redevelopment Project – Mississauga

The East Avenue site, located in south Mississauga, is being redeveloped to maximize the land to provide more affordable housing units in Peel.

Mayfield Seniors Apartments – Caledon

Mayfield is being developed for seniors, 65 years plus, who seek affordable housing in a market or subsidized rental unit.

Twin Pines Redevelopment Project – Mississauga

Peel Living has started work to redevelop its 25-acre Twin Pines lands, currently a mobile home park, in south-central Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.