Protecting Your Child

Immunization is a simple, effective way to protect your child against infectious diseases.

Routine immunization begins at 2 months of age and continues throughout your child's life.

Remember, it's never too late to begin or complete your immunization series.

Keep a Record of All Immunizations

It is important to keep a record of immunization for yourself and your child. You may need to provide an immunization record when:

  • starting childcare or kindergarten;
  • starting summer camp, college or university;
  • transferring to a school in another region;
  • starting a job;
  • getting your booster shot;
  • presenting yourself for emergency health care; and/or
  • travelling.

Learn more about preventable infectious diseases.

For information on when immunizations are given, please reference the following:
Immunization Schedule for Children
Immunization Schedule for Adults

Immunize On Time. Report Every Time.

Revised: Tuesday June 10 2014

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