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revised June 03, 2011

Arrow BulletCommunicable Diseases - Preventing the Spread of Infection

Children in day-care centers/schools are more prone to infection because:

  • Germs spread more easily in a group setting.
  • Young children have not yet developed natural resistance.
  • Several communicable diseases are contagious before symptoms appear, making it difficult to prevent their spread.

Sources of infection include:

  • Sharing cups and toys (saliva)
  • Coughing and sneezing (mucous droplets)
  • Poor handwashing after using the bathroom (stool)
  • Touching discharge and sores (secretions)
  • Blood entering a break in the skin (blood).
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Prevent the spread of communicable diseases by:

  1. Having your children immunized.

    Recommended routine immunization schedule

  2. Teaching good personal hygiene.

    To prevent communicable diseases, children should be taught by example at an early age to wash hands:

    • After diaper change or using the toilet
    • Before meals or snacks
    • After wiping nose
    • After playing outdoors

    Children should not share personal items like combs, toothbrushes, and hats.

    Teach children to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.

    Some communicable diseases are spread through blood. Children should not touch other children's sores or blood.

  3. Keeping ill children at home. When to be excluded - recommendations for exclusion from school and daycare.
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Revised: June 03, 2011


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