Healthy Eating

"Eat Well, Learn Well!"

You can promote good health at school by working these simple tips into your students' daily routine:

School Food and Beverage Policy
Healthy Eating Basics
Positive Role Modelling
Safe Food Practices
Making Healthy Food Accessible
Cultural Considerations
Classroom Rewards
Nutrition Campaign

Students are busy and need well-balanced meals and snacks to fuel their school day.
Healthy eating:

  • Facilitates normal growth and development
  • Enhances student learning and success
  • Helps meet nutrient and physical activity needs
  • May help reduce risk of nutrition-related illnesses
  • Helps achieve and maintain a healthy weight

There are nine key elements for a healthy nutrition environment at school. Put them into practice by starting small and work your way up.

Learning about healthy eating in the classroom is essential, but it's even more important to give our children opportunities to put what they learn into practice throughout the school day and beyond...

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Revised: Wednesday January 30 2013

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