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Budget 2005

The Region of Peel's 2005 Business Plan is comprised of five seperate documents:

A CD copy of these documents is available upon request, please contact Monique Lacroix or call 905-791-7800, ext. 4763.

2005 Peel Story

An in-depth introduction to the Region is provided in the 2005 Peel Story document.

2005 Peel Story - PDF (5.45 MB)

Contained in the document are discussions under the following headings:

  • Introduction Ė includes a message from the Chairman & the CAO and details on the awards achieved by the Region
  • Overview - includes details on the Corporate Overview, Peelís Profile and Corporate Priorities
  • Budget in Brief Ė details the Regionís Service Strategy Business Process and Cycle and provides a high level Financial Overview
  • Appendices Ė Appendix I provides a Readerís Guide, Appendix II details the Regionís Financial Management and Appendix III details the Regionís Tax Management
  • 2005 Acronyms & Glossary of Terms

2005 Service Strategy Business Plan

The 2005 Service Strategy Business Plan provides program service strategy business plan details. The Service Strategy Business Plan also provides Council with strategic work plans, which are required to realize the achievement of Peelís strategic goals. The strategic work plans form an integral part of the organizationís performance measurement and review process. All the Regionís programs are listed in this document.

2005 Service Strategy Business Plan - PDF (11.7 MB)


2004 Service Level Review

The 2004 Service Level Review document is comprised of each program presentation that was made before Regional Council prior to the final budget presentation. The key objectives as to why this forum was held are highlighted below:
  • Provide an overview of current services and service levels
  • Provide a current status on program goals
  • Present program issues
  • To identify actions to support goals over the next 2-3 years

2004 Service Level Review - PDF (2.54 MB)


2005 Regional Current and Capital Budget

The 2005 Regional Current and Capital Budget document provides the detail presented to Council for approval for the Regionís Current and Capital budgets for the fiscal year 2005.

The Current Budget is financed mainly through the collection of property taxes and user fees. The remainder of the financing is from external sources.

The Capital Budget continues to reflect the implementation of Regional Councilís strategic directions. It includes both a budgeted year and a nine year forecast.

2005 Regional Current and Capital Budget - PDF (1.71 MB)

Presented in this document are the following topics:

  • Report to Council - this is the budget report as presented to Council for budget approval. The following items were attached as appendices to this report.
  • Appendix I - 2005 Current Budget Summary
  • Appendix II - 2005 Current Budget Analysis
  • Appendix III - 2005 FTE Summary
  • Appendix IV - 2005 Capital Budget
  • Appendix V - 2005 Proposed User Fee Schedule
  • Appendix VI - Reserves Assessment
  • Appendix VII - 2005 to 2014 Capital Forecast
  • Appendix VIII - Corporate Performance Measures (CPM)

2005 Public Works 10 Year Capital Plan Detail

The 2005 Public Works 10 Year Capital Plan Detail document provides the 10 year Capital Plan for all the programs within the Public Works portfolio.

2005 Public Works 10 Year Capital Plan Detail - PDF (806 KB)

The following programs are represented in this document:

  • Roads
  • Waste Management
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Public Works Services

Revised: Monday July 30 2007


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