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Change Cart Size Instructions


Are you ready for your cart exchange?

Please follow these important instructions while waiting for your new cart to arrive:

  1. Use your cart normally until it is exchanged.
  2. Your cart will be exchanged on the day after your regular collection day. Garbage carts will be delivered the day after your garbage day, and recycling carts will be delivered the day after your recycling day.
  3. Leave your empty cart at the curb, or in a location that is visible and accessible from the road.
  4. If your cart is not exchanged by 8:00 p.m. the day after your collection day, use it normally for two more weeks.
  5. On your next collection day, put your cart out for collection again. Repeat this until your cart is exchanged.

Garbage and recycling carts will be exchanged separately, in different weeks.

You will receive a cart that has been gently used and cleaned.

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