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    Important Instructions On Completing and Submitting PDF Forms


    Who can be a Delegate?

    Any individual who wishes to appear before a Committee or Council meeting may request to do so by notifying the Regional Clerk's office in writing or by completing the Request for Delegation Form, at least one week prior to the Council/or Committee meeting for the purpose of listing your name and the topic on the appropriate agenda.

    Written notice from a delegation shall include the following:

      1. Complete name of the presenter(s) and contact information (i.e., address, e-mail, telephone/fax number);
      2. Reasons for the delegation including the specific nature of their presentation;
      3. And if applicable, the name, address and telephone number of any person, corporations or organizations which he or she represents.

    Please send the Request for Delegation Form to the Regional Clerk by e-mail at council@peelregion.ca or by fax at 905-791-1693.

    Staff from the Office of the Regional Clerk will inform the requester of Council's decision, and will confirm the date and time of the meeting to which the delegation is directed.


    Time Limits:


    Delegations should:

    • Prepare their presentation material using accessible formatting:
      • Use large font size (18 or higher)
      • Include only a few bulleted points per slide
      • Use a high contrast colour scheme such as black or dark blue text on white background
      • Images or graphics should include captions or alternative text

    The following site provides additional information on making PowerPoint presentation accessible:

    • Submit electronic copies of all background material/presentations to the Clerk's Division at least 7 business days prior to the meeting date otherwise you will be required to provide 45 hardcopies of all materials prior to the meeting date. These copies will be included in the agenda to be distributed to the Members of Council prior to the Committee or Council meeting.

    • We encourage you to e-mail the electronic copies of your presentations to the Clerk's Division at council@peelregion.ca to avoid last minute problems.

    • If these arrangements are not possible, please contact the Office of the Regional Clerk at 905-791-7800, ext. 4526.

    Council Chamber's Technology - What's Available?

    The Council Chamber's technology includes:

    • computer networking for LCD projection;
    • microphones, and
    • visual/audio aids.

    Please indicate on the Request for Delegation form if you require the use of the Council Chamber technology for your presentation.

    What Happens on Council/Committee Meeting Days?

    • On the Committee or Council meeting day, persons appearing as a delegation are requested to go to the Clerk's Reception to confirm their attendance at the meeting.

    • When called upon by the Regional Chair or Committee Chair, persons appearing before Committee or Council shall sit at the delegation table located in the Council Chamber located at 5th Floor, Regional Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Dr., Suite A, Brampton.

    • After a delegation has completed its presentation, Members of Council or Committee shall have opportunity to ask questions of the delegation for clarification purposes only, without debate.

    If you require further assistance or need more information, please contact the Manager of Legislative Services at 905-791-7800, ext. 4462 or send an e-mail to council@peelregion.ca


    Revised: Wednesday October 17 2018


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