Listen to a Children's Story

Let’s use technology to support Literacy! In support of literacy we encourage you to click onto a story to watch and listen to stories being read along with your child.

What are the benefits of children hearing stories?

  • Stimulates the imagination
  • Instils love of language in children and motivates them to read
  • Improves listening skills
  • Improves many language skills, such as vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and story recall
  • Encourages creative writing
  • Accustoms children to catch words and phrases that are found in tales
  • Stimulates emotional development
  • Creates awareness and appreciation of other cultures
  • Provides children with a frame of reference for literature and cultures that they will encounter in life

We encourage you to keep up the technology search and find more stories that are appropriate for your child’s age group and based on their interests. ‘Surfing’ for a story with your child can come in handy when you are waiting (for a doctor’s appointment, waiting for the bus or on a journey) along with an adult’s supervision.


  • Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems (3:12)
    Age Group: 3-6 yrs

    The Bus driver has specifically left you in charge of the bus and tells you, “Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”. The pigeon is very tricky and will come up with ways to get you to let him drive the bus.
  • Yummy Yucky by Leslie Patricelli (3:13)
    Age Group: 3-4 yrs

    Yummy Yucky is a fun way of teaching your children about opposites. It uses things from around the house that kids usually do play around with and tells you what’s yummy and what’s yucky.
  • Franklin And The Big Kid by: Paulette Bourgeois (6:21)
    Age Group: 4-8 yrs

    Franklin looks up to Jack Rabbit, a big kid, and thinks that it would be the coolest thing to be one too. But then when Jack shows Franklin some of his responsibilities, Franklin isn’t so sure anymore.


  • Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann (4.02)
    Age Group- 3-5 yrs

    It’s bedtime at the zoo and the zoo keeper is locking the animals up for the night and wishing them goodnight. But the gorilla has pinched the zoo keeper’s keys and he’d rather sleep in a comfy bed than in a cage!


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