Provincial plans may put your health at risk

Funding cuts impact your property taxes and lead to service reductions

The Ontario government has cut funding for paramedics and public health and plans to merge those services with other municipalities.

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$6.1 million in funding cuts will mean you pay more property taxes

In 2019, the Ontario government is cutting:

The Region will be forced to raise your property taxes to provide the health services you deserve, or else will have to cut services.

And that's just the beginning. The Ontario government has promised even more cuts in the future.

You will pay more but get less

The Ontario government wants to merge your public health services with 19 other towns and cities. These 19 towns and cities have different demographics and health challenges from Peel. Bigger isn't always better.

This means services that would have to:

With almost 10% of Ontario's population, Peel needs its own local paramedic and public health services. Peel is one of the fastest growing and most diverse regions in Ontario.

Separately, the Ontario government says they are looking to "integrate" paramedic services.

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