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2017 Infrastructure Status and Outlook Report Now Available


Good infrastructure supports quality services for our community at affordable rates

We are proud that 92 per cent of our infrastructure meets or exceeds all of the requirements set by Council, allowing us to continue providing reliable services at affordable rates.

This is important because maintaining good infrastructure enables paramedic response times, supports the quality of life for our long-term care residents, ensures we can provide safe drinking water and allows us to keep people and goods moving throughout Peel.

We own and operate roads, bridges, buildings, pipes, fleet and equipment to support services in Affordable Housing, Child Care Centres, Homeless Shelters, Long Term Care, Paramedics, Transportation, Waste Management, Wastewater and Water and we remain committed to responsible stewardship of this infrastructure, which is a public investment worth over $26.2 billion.

Our 2017 Infrastructure Status and Outlook Report outlines the current state of our infrastructure and highlights some of our major improvement priorities. Council can use the 2017 Infrastructure Status and Outlook Report as a guide to interpret how the recommended expenditures in the proposed 2018 Capital Budget and Forecast address our asset management needs. The 2018 Budget and Forecast will be presented to Regional Council on Nov. 2, 2017.

Through proactive, long-term planning, staff continually monitor the condition and performance of assets to ensure a state of good repair and achievement of target levels set by Council.

Over the next 10 years, we plan to reinvest approximately $2.4 billion in order to maintain the assets at current conditions and to continue to provide high quality Regional services as we strive to build a Community for Life.