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Region of Peel - Working for you

Peel's Long-Term Care Team Rethinks Dementia Care


Malton Village Long-Term Care Centre will pilot Ontario-first dementia care model

Malton Village Long-Term Care Centre, one of the Region of Peel's five long-term care centres, is embarking on a pilot project which is the first project of its kind in Ontario. By introducing the Butterfly model, the centre is rethinking the approach to care for residents with dementia.

Through this project, the Region will turn one unit at the Centre into a Butterfly Home. A Butterfly Home puts the emotional care of those living with dementia at the heart of their care. When combined with great clinical care, this new approach will allow staff to support both the physical and emotional needs of residents living with the challenging and complex condition of dementia, including Alzheimer's.

The new model involves changing the environment to make the centre feel more like home, and reflective of the residents living there. Colour, textures and objects are used to reach residents at the emotional level.

Staff will be enabled to go beyond looking after physical needs. They will engage residents on an emotional level at every opportunity.

Members of Peel Regional Council had an emotional response to a presentation about this transition on March 30, 2017. Dr. David Sheard, founder of the UK-based Dementia Care Matters, an organization that leads centers in the transition to Butterfly Home status, along with Dr. Sudip Saha, Peel's Long Term Care Senior Medical Director, explored the critical connection between clinical and emotional care for this growing issue.

The results of this pilot project will inform changes to all of Peel's long-term care centres.

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