Region of Peel - Working for you
Region of Peel - Working for you

Our 2016 Community Annual Report has launched!


Staff photo by Rob Beintema, courtesy of
The Mississauga News

See the progress we’ve made towards a Community for Life

This year's Annual Report is much different from our previous reports – and we're pleased to share it with you, our residents. Our inaugural Community for Life Annual Report combines the annual financial information you value with compelling examples of the Region's 20-year Strategic Plan in action to provide an integrated view of our progress on the Term of Council Priorities and 20-year outcomes.

Building a thriving community in these changing times requires a long-term outlook and a guiding plan. In 2015, we asked you to help us envision the future of Peel.

Based on the priorities you helped us identify, our guiding community vision was developed: Community for Life. Community for Life is a place where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and has access to the services and opportunities they need to thrive throughout each stage of their lives. 

Our 2015-2035 Strategic Plan outlines how we will achieve that vision by providing a 20-year outlook, 4-year priorities for Council and our plans to build the future we have envisioned together.

We are pleased to update you on our progress as we combine annual financial reporting with new metrics to highlight key accomplishments on our journey towards achieving our 20-year outcomes. By providing an integrated, transparent view of the steps we've taken towards achieving the vision you helped us create, we hope to demonstrate the value of our services to you, our residents.

To commemorate the launch, residents are invited to Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) over the summer to view the Community for Life visual installation and take a photo at the "My Community for Life" wall.

We hope you find the report informative and encourage you to follow our future progress through the online dashboard that can be found at and by viewing our 2016 annual report (PDF).