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The 2018 Budget is Approved


Investing in Better Outcomes for Residents and Businesses in Peel

Earlier today, Regional Council approved the 2018 Budget - driving the achievement of our vision of a Community for Life with investments balanced between the needs of residents and businesses and the infrastructure needs of the broader community. It also balances the current Term of Council priorities, the Strategic Plan's long-term objectives and the overall consideration of affordability.

The 2018 Budget includes operating investments of $2.4 billion and capital investments of $0.7 billion to ensure current service levels are sustained.

View our 2018 Budget investments.

The 2018 Budget includes a property tax increase of 1.0 per cent, which will contribute an annual increase to the average residential property tax bills of $47 and small business property tax bills of $85.

Additionally, there will be a 6.5 per cent increase to utility rates, which means the average home will see a $41 increase to their utility bill. The average small business will see an increase of $99.

Our utility rates remain the lowest in the Greater Toronto Area.

The 2018 Budget invests in better outcomes for residents and businesses as we continue to build a healthy, safe and connected community, strengthening a solid foundation to build a Community for Life.

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